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Day Diving (2 tank)

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Day Diving CCR (Diluent & O2 tank)

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Day Diving SCR (one tank up to 60%)

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Night Dive (5 pax min)

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Check Dive (Scuba Review)

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Night Dive with Mobula Rays (5 pax min)

$140.00 USD



Discover Scuba Diving

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$150.00 USD

Dive Equipment Rent

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Enriched Air*

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Explore the mesmerizing underwater world just half a mile north of Isla Espiritu Santo at Los Islotes, where two expansive rock islets, one adorned with a natural arch, await your diving adventure. Submerge yourself in the vibrant marine tapestry found within the heart of this natural rock formation. Marvel at the spectacle of dense schools of shimmering silver sardines, graceful blue and gold King Angel Fish, and lively yellow surgeon fish gliding through a captivating landscape adorned with golden cup corals.

Beneath the surface, discover the lively community of over 200 Californian Brown Sea lions that call these islets home. Prepare for delightful encounters as inquisitive sea lion pups playfully tug at your fins, showcasing their agility with joyful spins around your underwater presence. During the mating season, witness the larger bulls adopting a pugnacious demeanor, fiercely protecting their harem with territorial displays.

Embark on an underwater circumnavigation of these enchanting islands, where each twist and turn unveils a new and visually diverse spectacle. Whether it's the dynamic interactions with playful sea lion pups or the breathtaking marine biodiversity surrounding you, diving at Los Islotes promises an exhilarating and visually stunning experience in the crystal-clear waters of La Paz, Mexico.
Embark on an extraordinary underwater adventure at El Bajo – Marisla Sea Mount, located 8.2 miles and 032o degrees from Los Islotes. Explore the awe-inspiring underwater landscape featuring three distinct peaks aligned along a three-hundred-yard line, ranging in depth from 52ft to 83ft. The central peak, with its shallow depths and expansive flat top, serves as the main dive site and anchoring location for the ultimate deep-sea exploration.

This site stands as a global gem for advanced divers, offering a rare opportunity to witness the mesmerizing spectacle of schooling Hammerhead sharks. Encounter these majestic creatures, numbering from six to hundreds, gracefully circling the seamount in a mysterious clockwise dance. Despite their formidable appearance, the hammerheads display a disinterest in divers, creating a serene and captivating underwater experience.

Beyond the captivating hammerhead encounters, El Bajo thrives as a seamount sanctuary, hosting an abundance of marine life. Immerse yourself in the presence of mass schooling fish such as amberjacks and tuna, alongside elusive octopuses and the striking Panamic Green moray. Explore a small canyon housing a colony of over fifty Panamic Green morays, adding an extra layer of excitement to your dive.

As you navigate the depths, anticipate possible encounters with other majestic marine residents, including whale sharks and giant Pacific manta rays. Dive into the mysteries of El Bajo – Marisla Sea Mount, a true underwater paradise, and note that this advanced open water dive promises an unparalleled exploration into the wonders of the deep. 🌊🔍🦑
Embark on a delightful underwater journey at Swanee Reef, celebrated as one of our divers' most cherished sites. With a maximum depth of 35 feet and exceptional visibility, this reef offers novices a perfect introduction to the wonders beneath the waves.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Swanee Reef, where vibrant coral heads and walls adorned with gorgonians create a mesmerizing backdrop. Witness the spectacle of hundreds of schooling fish, adding a dynamic and colorful element to your underwater exploration.

Dive into history as you encounter the famous wreck of the "Salvatierra," resting on the ocean floor for over 35 years. The deep gauge left behind by the massive ferry, now embraced by corals and sea fans, adds an intriguing touch to the underwater landscape.

At a shallow depth of just 6 feet, the top of Swanee Reef becomes a thriving ecosystem, teeming with diverse marine life. Living corals provide a habitat for a wide variety of creatures, creating a bustling underwater community. The reef is now marked with a channel marker, ensuring safe navigation and preventing future incidents.

Marvel at the spectacle of big schools of green jacks seeking refuge from larger predators. Experience the enchantment of being surrounded by these agile creatures, only to watch them vanish when other fish or a playful sea lion makes a fleeting appearance. Swanee Reef invites novice divers to discover the magic of the underwater realm, offering a perfect blend of history, biodiversity, and captivating marine encounters. Dive into the enchantment of Swanee Reef in La Paz, Mexico – where every moment beneath the surface is a celebration of the ocean's beauty. 🐢🌟🌊
Dive into the captivating depths of La Reynita, a small rock pinnacle nestled on the west side of Isla Cerralvo, offering an intermediate challenge for divers seeking diverse marine encounters. With depths ranging from 25 feet to over 100 feet, this site promises a dynamic underwater experience.

Experience the thrill of navigating through constant currents that create a unique underwater spectacle. Schools of fish gracefully "hang" in anticipation of their dinner, providing a mesmerizing display for those exploring the depths. Encounter the majestic presence of large groupers, delicate sea fans, intricate brain corals, and the fascinating conger garden eels, all contributing to make La Reynita a cherished favorite among divers.

Beneath the surface of La Reynita, the underwater landscape unveils a rich tapestry of marine life, creating an immersive environment for intermediate divers. The ever-present current adds an exciting dimension to your dive, as you witness the marine residents navigating effortlessly through the underwater currents.

La Reynita beckons enthusiasts to explore its depths and appreciate the abundance of life that thrives in its surroundings. Delight in the diverse attractions that make this site a standout destination, where every dive unveils a new chapter in the underwater adventure.

Dive into La Reynita – where currents, marine life, and underwater beauty converge to create an unforgettable intermediate diving experience. 🌊🐢✨
Embark on a novice-friendly exploration of the enchanting San Rafaelito, a local dive site off the shores of La Paz, Mexico. With depths ranging from 20 to over 100 feet, this underwater haven promises a captivating experience for divers of all levels.

Discover the underwater wonders of San Rafaelito, where a multitude of coral heads, small caves, and overhangs create a vibrant and diverse marine landscape. As the sun sets, the site transforms into a popular night dive destination, inviting adventurers to witness the mesmerizing world beneath the waves.

Prepare for a unique spectacle during the night dive as huge Parrot Fish peacefully slumber, cocooned in their own mucus to hide their scent from potential predators. Witness the magical moment when they awaken, gracefully swimming free from their nocturnal shelter, adding a touch of wonder to your underwater experience.

San Rafaelito holds a historical charm as the former home of a colony of Sea Lions. Occasionally, these playful creatures return to visit their old stomping grounds, creating heartwarming moments for divers exploring the site.

Dive into the underwater tapestry of San Rafaelito, where a rich array of fish life thrives, and several species of rays find sanctuary in the surrounding sandy depths. As you navigate through the depths, encounter the beauty of the underwater world and the mysteries that come to life under the moonlit waters.

San Rafaelito beckons novice divers to experience the magic of night diving, where every descent unveils a new chapter in the captivating story of the ocean's nocturnal wonders. 🌊🌌🦑
Explore the fascinating depths of the Salvatierra Wreck, a novice-friendly dive site off the coast of La Paz, Mexico. Resting peacefully on a sandy bottom at 60 feet, this sunken cargo ferry tells a tale of resilience and a unique chapter in maritime history.

The Salvatierra met its fate in 1976, sinking moments after striking Swanee Rock. Miraculously, all passengers survived, and to everyone's surprise, the insurance company generously compensated each individual with 50 pesos for their losses. The wreck, now adorned with a warning light, is a testament to the human spirit and maritime safety.

Descend into the depths to discover the Salvatierra, approximately 70% intact, though recent hurricanes have left their mark on this underwater time capsule. Witness the exposed propellers and catch a glimpse of the cargo trucks that once filled the ferry, their tires remarkably still inflated after all these years.

The Salvatierra has evolved into an "artificial reef," creating a haven for a diverse array of marine life. Encounter the vibrant underwater community that has taken residence around this sunken treasure, adding a dynamic and lively dimension to your dive experience.

This wreck dive promises intrigue and enjoyment without the need for penetration, making it an ideal underwater adventure for novice divers. Be mindful of the currents as you navigate this captivating site, where history, marine life, and the resilience of the ocean converge in an unforgettable underwater journey. 🌊🏚️🐠
Embark on an extraordinary journey to the depths of the Fang Ming Wreck, a novice-friendly dive site near Isla Ballena, off the coast of La Paz, Mexico. Submerged at a depth of 70 feet, this underwater marvel has a captivating story that unfolds beneath the waves.

On November 18, 1999, two Chinese metal vessels, Fang Ming and Lapas03, measuring 56 meters and 36 meters respectively, were deliberately sunk near Isla Ballena. Seized by the Mexican government for illegal immigrant transportation, these vessels found a new purpose as an artificial reef, adding a unique chapter to their history.

Dive into the depths to explore the Fang Ming Wreck, a site offering full penetration diving across multiple levels. Immerse yourself in the intricate details of the sunken vessels, which have transformed into an ideal setting for indulging in a wreck diver specialty. The submerged wrecks provide a fascinating backdrop for divers to enhance their skills and experience the allure of wreck exploration.

Discover the hidden corners of these vessels, witness the marine life that has made this artificial reef their home, and appreciate the conservation effort that turned a confiscated past into an underwater sanctuary. The Fang Ming Wreck promises an unforgettable dive experience, blending history, adventure, and the thriving ecosystem of the ocean depths. 🌊🏚️🐟
Embark on an enchanting underwater journey at Isla Ballena, a novice-friendly dive site located off the west coast of Isla Espiritu Santo in La Paz, Mexico. With depths ranging from 20 to 60 feet, this picturesque island offers a diverse and tranquil setting for divers of all levels.

Explore the allure of Isla Ballena, featuring several captivating dive-through caves that beckon you into a mesmerizing underwater world. One of these caves even boasts a pocket of air, allowing divers to surface inside the rock and experience a unique blend of terrestrial and aquatic environments.

Beneath the waves, encounter a sandy shelf between the islands, home to a remarkable "garden" of conger eels. These peculiar creatures exhibit an intriguing feeding behavior, extending their bodies vertically from holes in the sea floor. Watch as they sway in the currents, patiently waiting for passing morsels, creating a captivating and surreal underwater spectacle.

As you navigate through the underwater landscape, keep an eye out for schools of rays gracefully gliding by, adding elegance to the tranquil dive site. Pods of dolphins may also make an appearance, enhancing the overall sense of underwater serenity and natural beauty.

Isla Ballena invites novice divers to immerse themselves in its unique blend of caves, eels, and marine life. Dive into the calm waters surrounding this small island, where each descent unveils a world of wonder and tranquility beneath the surface. 🌴🐬🌊
Embark on an extraordinary underwater adventure at Punta Lobos, affectionately known as "la loberita," a novice-friendly dive site off the coast of La Paz, Mexico. Two decades ago, this site was home to around 150 California Brown Sea Lions, though their residence may have shifted due to the relentless north winds during winter storms.

Dive into the unique topography of Punta Lobos, where the underwater landscape slopes gently down to 45 feet before revealing a stunning wall of substantial boulders descending to 90 feet. Drift along this captivating dive site and witness the underwater ballet of octopuses gracefully navigating the surroundings. Marvel at their ability to change colors in the blink of an eye, and keep a keen eye out for the elusive giant seahorses, displaying shades of black, brown, orange, or even white.

As the seasons change, Punta Lobos becomes a hotspot for the majestic "Mobula Manta." In late spring and summer, these incredible creatures, sometimes seen in pairs or small groups, occasionally gather in the thousands, forming awe-inspiring squadrons that may even block out the sun. The sight of these Mobula Mantas schooling is nothing short of breathtaking, making Punta Lobos one of the most spectacular dive sites in the Sea of Cortez.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Punta Lobos, where sea lions, drift dives, and a diverse array of marine life come together to create an unforgettable underwater experience. 🌈🌊🐠
Discover the enchanting beauty of La Reyna, a rock islet just north of Isla Cerralvo adorned with a lighthouse, making it one of the most captivating dive sites in the La Paz, Mexico region. Ideal for novice to intermediate divers, this underwater oasis offers a mesmerizing experience at a depth of 80 feet (25m).

Descend into the depths of La Reyna to encounter a sprawling reef, richly populated by a stunning array of marine life. Gorgonians of various types, brain corals, and schools of brilliantly colored tropical fish create a vibrant and dynamic underwater panorama. Glide through the waters and be delighted by the graceful presence of rays, as well as the mesmerizing green, zebra, and jeweled moray eels that call this reef home.

La Reyna is a "must-dive" site for divers seeking a visual feast beneath the waves. While the dive is subject to currents, the reward is extraordinary – the chance to encounter over eight giant Pacific manta rays. Witness these majestic creatures gliding through the water, adding a touch of grandeur to an already breathtaking underwater landscape.

Immerse yourself in the allure of La Reyna, where beauty knows no depth, and the underwater realm unfolds as a captivating canvas of marine wonders. 🐙✨🌈
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