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La Paz offers two distinct seasons, each with its unique charm:

🌊 Cold Water Season (Dec 15th – Jun 15th):
Water temperatures: 64-76°F
Encounter Gray whales, Humpback whales, Blue whales, Fin whales, Orcas, and Sperm whales.
Ideal for whale watching enthusiasts.

☀️ Warm Water Season (Jul 15th – Nov 15th):
Water temperatures: 84-90°F
Visibility often exceeds 60 feet.
Perfect for exploring vibrant marine life.

🦈 Whale Sharks Season (Oct 1st – May 31st):
Up to 50 individuals in the bay of La Paz.
Best sightings from November to late April.

🏝️ Sea Lion Colony at Los Islotes:
450 playful brown Californian sea lions.
Restricted during mating season (June 1st – Aug 30th).

🐬 Mobula Ray Breeding Season (Late Apr – Mid Jul):
Witness huge squadrons of thousands.
Popular snorkeling or free diving trips.

⛰️ El Bajo Seamounts:
Year-round dive with schooling hammerhead sharks and silky sharks.
Weather permitting, as it’s 55 miles away.

🌊 La Reina Dive Site (Late Jun – Late Oct):
Encounter giant Pacific manta rays.
A must-visit dive spot off the island of Cerralvo.

🏝️ Espiritu Santo Island Diving:
Explore over 25 different dive sites.

🐋 Busiest Months:
September and October for various activities. Winter months (Feb-Apr) are popular for whale watching.

🍽️ Mediterranean-Style Cuisine:

Enjoy our on-site restaurant overlooking the bay of La Paz.

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