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To truly Appreciate the beauty of La Paz, you have to look beneath the surface

Scuba Diving In La Paz Baja California Sur

Experience the best the Sea of Cortez has to offer with the Cortez Club

Diving the waters of La Paz , Baja is world class. The Sea of Cortes is truly “the worlds aquarium” for its diverse body of marine life including Sea Lions, Giant Pacific Manta Rays, Schooling Hammerhead Sharks, Whales, Whale Sharks and more.

Swanee Reef Dive Site - La Paz Baja California Sur

Schooling Barracuda, Octopi, Nudibranchs and more ensure this site is a highlight of your diving experience in the Sea of Cortez.

DEPTH: 30ft (8m) LEVEL: Open Water / Free Diver.

Voted as one of the most enjoyable sites by our divers.

With a max depth of 35 ft, great visibility, coral heads, walls covered with gorgonians and hundreds of schooling fish Swanne Reef is an excellent dive site.

This site is where the famous wreck of the "Salvatierra" hit bottom some 35 years ago you can still find the deep gauge left behind by the big ferry, now barely visible because it is so overgrown by corals and sea fans.

The top of this reef is only 6 ft deep and it is covered with living coral where a wide variety of creatures find and call it home.

This reef is now marked with a channel marker to avoid more incidents.

Here big schools of green jack find shelter from larger predators, at any given time you can be surrounded by them just to see them disappear when other fish or a sea lion comes by.

National Park Permit Fee is required by law per person and cost $6 USD per day, paid to:
The Comision Nacional de Areas Naturals Protegidas (The National Commission of Natural Area Protection)

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